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Not seeing any products or some products are missing from the feed
Last Updated 2 years ago

If when running the feed URL in a browser you are not seeing any products or there are products missing from the feed, please see below reasons and fixes.

1. Product is set to not be listed on Google Shopping.
Fix: If you wish all products to be listed, in the feed settings, visit the Bulk Product Update tab and run the action to Enable ALL products to be listed on Google Shopping

2. Product Description is blank
Fix: Give the product a description

3. Product Price is 0.00
Fix: On the 'Data' tab, make sure the product has a price greater than 0.00

4. Recently Used Import/Export Extension
Fix: Visit the feed settings and you should see a 'Create Data' message when clicking on 'edit' extension. Run the action on this screen should add the missing products. (if you still see the same screen after clicking 'Run Action' please view this FAQ -> click here

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