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Clicking Run Action on the Create Data screen does nothing
Last Updated 6 years ago

Note: This only applies to version 4.0.3 or less of our extension

If when editing the extension you see the 'Create Data' screen and after clicking the 'Run Action' button you are returned to the same screen, this generally means that you have used an import/export extension which has imported less products back to your store than were previously in the store.

This will lead to an out of sync issue between the OpenCart product table and our extension's product table.

Normally this is fine if only new products have been added and clickign the Run Action button should resolve this, however if products have been deleted by the import/export extension, they will not have been deleted from our extension's product table.

To Fix

Upload the attached file to your store root folder (where you opencart index.php resides)
Run the file in a web browser (I.e.
You should see a message on screen saying 'Completed' - The file should also have deleted itself from your server.

Now check again the extension settings and you should be able to view the settings - The sync issue will have been fixed.

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