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If you are checking your Feed URL and receive a 404 page not found error and have enabled the 'Advanced Feed Creation' option in the feed settings

( e.g. )

The problem is that you may have not yet run the first part of that Advanced Feed Creation operation, by running a CRON job first, which generates the hardcopy xml file.

An example of a cron command:

v4.4.0 or greater
v4.3.1 or less
0 23 * * * CURL -L -s "YOUR_CRON_COMMAND_URL_HERE" >/dev/null 2>&1
The above will run the cron command at 11PM every day

You should run the CRON command approx 1 hour before you schedule with Google Merchant to fetch the feed URL, to give it time to generate / update the XML file.

You may need to consult your webhost on how best to run the CRON command.

If your server only has low 64mb of memory available to php:

v4.4.0 or greater
append &cronlimit=xxx to the cron command after &mode=cron

v4.3.1 or less
edit the following file to change the $cronlimit variable at the top of that file from 1000 to 300 so that it does not crash halfway through generation.

File: catalog/controller/feed/uksb_google_merchant.php
or OC 2.3.x + -> catalog/controller/extension/feed/uksb_google_merchant.php

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