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Undefined Index errors in admin OR Feed tab missing from edit category and edit product
Last Updated 6 years ago

If you are using the vQmod version of our extension

First make sure you have the latest version of vqmod installed

either (a) vqmod is not installed fully (please run yourdomain/vqmod/install to run the installer)

or (b) there is a conflict with another vqmod extension:
alas this is a case of disabling all vqmod/xml files apart from vqmod_opencart.xml and uksb_google_merchant.xml
(to disable the other vqmods, simply rename thefile.xml by adding an underscore, e.g. thefile.xml_

Then clear vqmod cache files (as below Clear Cache section )
Test to see if issue is fixed

If so, enable one by one the disabled vqmod xml files
Clear cache and test
Evetually you will get the error back and you will know which vqmod/xml file is conflicting with ours.

Clear Cache

Sometimes emptying the vqmod/vqcache folder and deleting the following files fixes the issue.


Also for OC 2.x Refreshing the Modifications section can also help, via Extensions - Modifications - Hit the Clear and Refresh buttons


It is important that the default OpenCart admin core files have not modified manually as this will cause vqmod to fail also.

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