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Licenses and Support for our OpenCart extensions
Last Updated 3 years ago

Our OpenCart extensions are covered by a single user license on initial purchase.

This means that as a customer you can install the extension you purchased on one installation of OpenCart. Multi-Stores within that installation are also covered.

Further installations require the purchase of additional licenses. Please raise a Support Ticket if you wish to purchase additional licenses.

12 Months Free Support

We give you 12 months of free support with each extension purchased, which relates to the general installation and running of the extension. Unfortunately, we can only guarantee that our extensions will work out of the box in a default OpenCart installation.

Where problems arise that are caused by conflicts with other installed extensions, we may request a fee to alter our extension code so that it plays nicely with other conflicting extensions.

After 12 months, you may purchase additional yearly support either via the extension in your admin panel (if available) or by raising a Support Ticket.

Change of Licensed Installation (Domain)

In some of our extensions, we use a license registration process, which ties the installed extension to the main domain/admin URL of your OpenCart installation.

If you wish to change this due to using a development domain or staging domain, please raise a Support Ticket.

Please Note: Our extensions can not be re-sold, either as individual items or as part of a package of extensions.

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