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I get errors when I run the feed in a browser
Last Updated 6 years ago

Some of the common errors displayed on screen when the feed is run in a browser include:

Notice: Undefined index: promotion_id
Notice: Undefined index: size in catalog/controller/feed/uksb_google_merchant.php on line 109
Notice: Undefined index: colour in catalog/controller/feed/uksb_google_merchant.php on line 110
Notice: Undefined index: material in catalog/controller/feed/uksb_google_merchant.php on line 111
---- snipped after first 4 lines ----

Please first check that the extension is fully and correctly installed. You can do this by reading this FAQ article.

If you have just updated the extension, please read the documentation for installation in the documentation folder related to upgrading (you may have missed a step or two).

If you installed using the vQmod installation, please check that (a) vQmod is correctly installed, (b) There are no errors reported in the vqmod/logs folder.

These PHP Notices, usually go away when you edit and then save a product (no changes to the product data are necessary).

It is also a good idea to clear any caches your site may have created, such as:

vqmod/vqcache [folder]
vqmod/mods.cache [file]
vqmod/checked.cache [file]
system/cache [folder] do not delete the index.html file in that folder

If you receive any other error messages on screen when the feed is run in a browser, please raise a support ticket at

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