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I do not see the 'Feed' tab when editing a category or product
Last Updated 2 years ago

Please make sure you have downloaded the correct version of our extension that matches your OpenCart version.

If using the OCMoD version, please make sure you have refreshed your Extensions - Modifications section

For OC 3.x or greater, also please visit your admin Dashboard, click on the cog icon (top-right) and refresh both caches.

If using the vQmod version, please make sure you have installed the latest version of vQmod and that it is working. vQmod can be downloaded from

Running may help to ensure sure that vQmod is installed. Especially if you have recently upgraded.

You should also check for any error messages in the vqmod/logs folder.

Finally, if you are running OpenCart 2.x please Refresh the Modifications section by visiting your admin - Extensions - Modifications and clicking the Refresh button.

Failing that, please raise a Support Ticket here

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